Who will work on my property?
Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment for your property.
Who are your typical clients?
Residential or commercial property owners who truly want a well-maintained landscape with curb appeal and know the true value of caring for that property.
I need to have my property serviced right away. Can you accommodate me?
We typically base the scheduling of our clients on the following factors: 1) Open availability for existing or new route 2) Route density and efficiency 3) Price of fuel and labor. If you need immediate service or request a specific day and time, there may be an added cost if it does not fit our existing route, just as next day air will cost you extra with UPS.
I'm thinking about listing my property for sale. How can the design of the front yard or backyard help to sell my house?
According to appraisers and realtors, a beautifully landscaped home will sell fast and for more money. Weyerhoeuser Corporation estimates a well-landscaped home increases the value by 15%.
What type of program do you offer for fertilization and control of weeds?
As different people have different expectations of how they want their lawn to look and also what they want to spend, we offer two programs. We think of the programs as good and very good. Both meet or exceed the basic needs of cool season turf. Our basic plan is more of an option-based plan, whereas our premium plan is more inclusive of all turf services.
What type of payments does Thunder Landscape accept?
We accept cash, checks, and credit cards including Visa and MasterCard.